1 - Sacred Animal Healing and Interspecies Soul Communication (Online Course)

This online course is divided into Units and each Unit consists of several Modules:

Unit 1 – An Introduction To SAHISC – Four Modules (available now)

Unit 2 – SAHISC L 1 – Ten Modules (soon to be released)

Unit 3 – SAHISC Practitioner/Advanced Level L 2 – (tba)

All Units, Levels and Modules need to be done in order.

Once enrolled the course material and information will be emailed to you.

Course material includes text, diagrams, audio visual clips, etc.

2022 special rate: Each Module is only $60 AUD and annual subscribers to Heart Of Hearts Animal Healing receive $10 off all Modules. This makes each module only $50. Subscriptions are a mere $15 - click here to read more.

There is no enrolment date and no set time to finish, the pace is suited to the individual.

There are no large upfront course fees, you just pay as you go; ie enrol in a Module and pay $60 AUD, receive the course info, complete the module, pass that level and then repeat the same process for as many modules as you wish to do.

Enrolment is obligation free. There is no obligation to go onto Practitioner Level.

Enrol in the first Module of “An Introduction To Sacred Animal Healing And Interspecies Soul Communication – Unit 1/Module 1A Compassion” for $60 AUD and also receive a free Course Information Package

Why enrol in SAHISC?

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