Annual subscription fee is only $15 AUD. It is valid for twelve months from the date of joining.

See discounts outlined below:

1) Sacred Animal Healing And Interspecies Soul Communication session for your pet – (120 mins) $150 Full price/$135 Subscriber price

2) Sacred Animal Healing And Interspecies Soul Communication online course - ($10 off each Module with a current Subscription) $60 Full price/$50 Subscriber price

3) Pet Grief Healing Session – (60 mins) $80 Full price/$70 Subscriber price

4) Maintenance Care For Pets and People - $80 Full price/$70 Subscriber price per individual per hour

5) Free Heartlight online Newsletters

6) Free Sound Insights (audio info on Animal Healing)

7) Free access to In Memoriam page (exclusive to Subscribers).

…And more new features, discounts, events and offers are happening all the time!

Please note: All sessions are now held either online or via distance.

😊Please note that Zoom is a free service and also very simple to operate
Please email me on for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

May all God’s creatures be happy and free! Hallelujah!


"My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet"
Edith Wharton