Sacred Animal Healing and Interspecies Soul Communication Session

This unique modality is a distance healing method. It can be performed anywhere in the world and is even more effective than a hands on healing session. I incorporate several healing modes - such as Tibetan Sound Healing - in this Reiki based practice as per my deific guidance, tailoring each session to the individual animals needs.

The session takes two hours and information which comes through from the animals Higher Self will be emailed to you as soon as possible. Animals are very receptive to this vibrational form of healing and it can help to shed light on any condition they may have be it physical or behavioural. It may be of particular value for an animal who is close to transitioning from this life.

However I require that the animal has recently been seen by a qualified vet as I like to work in with a Vets prognosis and treatment plan. I believe every form of healing has something to offer and that each practitioner can provide a piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Therefore vets can perform their wonderful work largely on the physical level, and a Sacred Animal Healing And Interspecies Soul Communication session can send balance energetically and provide information on the psychological, emotional and spiritual levels. Then we can get a more complete picture of what is going on for your furbaby.

The cost for a SAHISC session is $150 AUD which includes a follow up email.

Regular price - $150
Subscriber price - $135

Tibetan Sound Healing For Animals

Animals are very attuned to vibrational healing. Sometimes guidance shows me that a particular animal requires a specific Tibetan Singing Bowl combination to be sounded in order for them to achieve balance.

Therefore an audio track tailored to your individual pets needs can be of great benefit especially in the case of anxiety.

Your investment for a personalized sound healing track for your beloved best friend is $25. The track is approx. 5 minutes in length and is yours to keep. That way there is no limit as to how often you can play it to them, whenever you feel it is necessary.

30 min live sessions are available for pets or people, in person or via Zoom - $40

5 minute healing track - $25
30 minute live session - $40

Maintenance Care for Pets and People

FOR PETS – I have found that after an initial Sacred Animal Healing And Interspecies Soul Communication session has been performed on a beloved who is in crisis, some people like to ensure that they have “top up” treatments especially if they are in hospital. These can provide an adjunct to veterinary care. A brief audio report of the session will be sent to you afterwards.

FOR PEOPLE – Many families or individuals who are looking after a very sick animal find that they are requiring energetic support for themselves during such stressful and exhausting times. Therefore I am now making Distance Healing available to all family members. The session - which is centred on Reiki but also incorporates Tibetan Sound Healing - can be of benefit to both individuals and the group dynamic as a whole.

$80 per hour - per individual.

Regular price p/h - $80
Subscriber price p/h - $70

Pet Grief Healing

This one-on-one online session is beneficial for anyone who has lost a cherished four-legged or feathered companion or family member. For many their passing signals the end of an era and booking a private Pet Grief Healing session can help you to adjust to this new phase of your life. In the session we work on gently moving you forward in your grieving process and honouring the life of your loved one through employing various gentle healing techniques such as story sharing, Reiki, Tibetan Sound healing, affirmations, visualization, breath-work, focusing and gratitude work to name a few. Therefore each session is a unique experience.

Please email me at for more information.

Sessions are available via Zoom. Zoom is a free service and very easy to use.

The cost for the 60 min session is $80.

Regular price p/h - $80
Subscriber price p/h - $70

Honouring Ceremony

Losing a beloved best furry friend is one of the most painful experiences an animal lover can go through. Often the wider community doesn’t understand this but to us it is the loss of a beloved family member.

Whatever your faith is – or even if you have no faith at all – I will strive to provide a ceremony which honours their life and their passing in a beautiful way. I will provide prayers, poems, music and an individual dedication written for your dear one which we can incorporate with your own contributions to form a meaningful ceremony for all who wish to attend.

This event can be held via Zoom. Please contact me to discuss preparations and costs.

Group Pet Healing

NEW ONLINE REGULAR GROUP SESSIONS! The energy of a group consciousness focussing simultaneously is very potent. In this group we concentrate on balancing the Chakra system of each individual animal in turn. Using the Violet Flame modality we then transmute any negative energy to positive. No previous healing experience is necessary as it is a totally guided process.

Numbers in this group are limited so bookings are essential. Held every second Sunday evening 7pm-8.30pm.

$40 per pet. Please contact me for dates.

Self Healing Practice

NEW ONLINE HEALING SESSIONS FOR YOU! During these stressful times I am offering a regular online Self Healing Chakra Balance group practice. After a brief meditation you will be taken through your own Chakra system to bring about balance using energy, breath-work and visualisation techniques. Knowing this technique of self care can benefit you enormously in many situations.

No healing experience is necessary. Bookings essential. Offered every alternate Sunday evening 7pm – 8.30pm.

$25 per person. Contact me for dates.

The Dusk Pathway

If you have a treasured animal companion who may be close to transitioning from this physical existance then I offer you The Dusk Pathway. This initiative is a package of treatments at a reduced rate to facilitate both your dear one’s journey and your own (or family’s) throughout such a profound life change. It is designed to help you navigate your loved one’s path from this world to the next stage of their spiritual journey. So I am offering my services to you as a Doula to help guide you through this poignant time.

The Dusk Pathway consists of:

1) A full two hour Sacred Animal Healing And Interspecies Soul Communication session for your beloved which includes an extensive emailed report.
2) A one hour session of Maintenance Care for your dear one including an audio info report.
3) And one hour of your choice of either:

- Maintenance Care for yourself
- a Pet Grief Healing session
- or support phone call/s

These services can be booked individually of course but in total they would cost $310 full price or $275 for Subscribers. However I am offering The Dusk Pathway package at the discounted price of a one off payment of only $250. That’s a saving of between $60 - $25.

The sessions can then be undertaken when required. Packages can also be tailored to suit your needs.

For more extensive information, please click here to read The Dusk Pathway booklet.

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